There is no doubt that this adventure, regardless of where you plan to study or what type of program you enrol in, will be life-changing. You will grow socially, professionally, and academically in ways, you never imagined possible – all while discovering a different culture and earning your degree. Here's a 12 step guide featuring the exciting journey you are going to have with SIA.

Step 1

Career Counselling

Analysis of the student interest, career ambition and past educational & professional experience.

This adventure is all about you. We listen to you and assess your preferences. Admissions consultants specialized in profile analysis will assist you in shortlisting options that are a perfect fit for you based on your educational history and career goals.

Step 2

Select Courses and Universities

Streamline relevant options of courses based on the requirements and your strengths.
  • Confirm whether you've met the necessary eligibility requirements to apply for the preferred field.
  • Apply and ace your IELTS/PE test. If you're nervous, we can coach you to nail it.
Step 3

Apply for Selected Courses

The application process will take a long time, so the sooner you apply, the better.
  • Prepare documentation
  • Customize the application to meet the requirements of the course, including a professionally written SOP.
  • Get all your documents verified, pay your application fee and wait.
Step 4

Receive Offer Letter

After receiving your Offer Letter and you will - Celebrate! and choose the best from the lot.

Step 5

Confirm Enrolment

Accelerate your pathway. Confirm your enrolment with the chosen education provider and get hustling.
  • Arrange a valid OSHC health insurance
  • Apply for an educational loan (if required)
  • Pay term fees to the provider
  • Receive a confirmed letter of enrolment from the provider
Step 6

Apply for Student Visa

This is the most important and complex step of all.
  • Prepare your GTE
  • Arrange your documents according to the Document checklist
  • Arrange funds to fund your stay in Australia
  • Organise health assessment
  • Pay visa application charges
  • Lodge your student Visa application and wait
Step 7

Attend Pre-Departure Session

A new page, a new chapter.

Got that new orange page with kangaroos in your passport? Alright mate, Let's get you prepped for the adventure that awaits you.

Step 8

Things To Do

Preparation is key.
  • Book Flight tickets
  • Book temporary accommodation
  • Get an Australian sim card
  • Open an Australian bank account
  • Book airport pickup and drop to accommodation
  • Organise travel card and travel insurance (if required)
  • Exchange some rupees to Australian dollars just in case and/or, transfer money to your Australian bank account
Step 9

Welcome to the land of OZ

Once you arrive in Australia - If you’ve chosen our service to transport you to your temporary accommodation, you will meet your driver at the airport on time.
  • Attend SIA welcome session and meet your mentor
  • Attend university orientation
  • Explore Australia before your university starts
  • Get a travel card (Myki) / hire cars or bikes / buy a vehicle for transport
Step 10

Permanent Accommodation

Home is a feeling.
  • Shortlist properties and schedule inspections
  • Move into your new place
  • Organise utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water and Internet)
Arrange meals (if required)
Step 11

Work to Become

Once you have assessed your course workload, if you want to earn some income - get a part-time job
  • Attend job consulting session
  • Resume and Cover Letter prepared
  • Match relevant jobs & get hired
  • Get a TFN number (Abn too if required)
Step 12

The best for the best.

Take advantage of SIA student discounts/promotions on anything you may need during your stay in Australia.
  • Books and other resources
  • Get courses/learning materials at subsidised rates
  • Get access to software/applications
  • Subscriptions for personal wellness
  • Deals for fashion and clothing needs
  • Use Forex services to send money back home
  • Book flight tickets to go back home
  • Travel Australia
  • Book hotels, car hire, and more

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