The How, Where and What of Study in Australia

Travelling to another country for studies is usually tough, and so is the transition. It is also the most exciting phase of a student's life, a unique opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime. It all may sound quite grand but once a student decides to take the plunge, the real struggle starts.

All students who aspire for overseas education have their own unique set of needs, in addition to seeking credible advice and assistance that align with their educational goals. SIA Consultants is a one-stop solutions provider that offers a complete range of services a potential overseas student would need, right from visa validations to finding the best accommodations and everything in between.

Our customised consulting approach orients us for working in tandem with the student at every step of the process and has an unmatched success-rate of ensuring positive admissions to high-ranked universities in Australia. SIA adopts a holistic approach to consultancy for students wanting to study overseas. In this quest for securing a bright future, a student needs to consider each decision with alertness and foresight, but it is easier said than done in case they are unable to find credible professional help. This is where SIA comes into the picture.

With decades of combined experience as visa consultants, expert communicators, academics, abroad study specialists, program counselors and a knack of effectuating comprehensive tie-ups with the best universities in Australia, we are the catalysts that get the work done much faster than most and in a stress-free manner for our clients.

Our Work Ethics

With consultancies popping up at every corner and making tall claims of being highly-effective, we at SIA stand out from the rest only because we follow a transparent process that always includes our clients at every juncture. Yes, we are accessible, affordable and most importantly, hassle-free.

Some of the approaches that set us apart are -

No Worries on Visa Queries

With the ever-changing PR policies and immigration regulations of countries like Australia, awareness of the new implementations is extremely critical for fulfilling our consultancy commitments. We tirelessly track and understand every new clause and find the best ways that can secure a visa for you.

The extensive knowledge and skill set we possess come from being an extremely well-travelled group of consultants and also from our company policy that ensures each member of our team receives quality training and guidance from international experts from time to time. Moreover, our team of visa consultants is always up to task for gaining the confidence of the Australian embassy and the consulate general so that every possible obstacle in the visa accusation process for our clients is easily surmountable.

One-on-One Counseling Sessions

As mentioned previously, every student aspiring to study overseas has an absolutely unique set of needs and preferences. One universal approach to counseling each one of them is inadequate in most cases. That is the reason we have prefer one-on-one counseling that is adapted to the aspirant’s specific requirements.

Through these personalised interactions, our seasoned counselors who have years of experience under their belts required for assessing a student’s potential and aspirations, are able to furbish detailed and realistic advice about the course, the related costs, scholarships, and the procedure they would need to follow for ensuring admissions in the leading universities of Australia. Having a vast network of multilingual counselors also makes our job of understanding a student’s needs and cultural preferences that much easier.

SIA’s ethical approach to counseling is further enhanced by the fact that we offer free online face-to-face counseling sessions for aspirants and their families first up. In more ways than one, it legitimises our genuineness as counselors who are not merely in it for monetary gains.

We are with you from the very first step to the last

Along with starting off with quality free counseling session for aspiring students, we also work closely with them on interview prepping and pre-departure consultations as well. It is all about conditioning an aspirant so that they don’t feel underprepared about setting foot in a foreign country. We help the students with the creation of a portfolio that invariably gives them a better chance at securing admissions in their desired courses and programs.

It is all about being a friend, guide and mentor rolled in one. We take this life-coach approach forward by being there to guide students on accommodations and their basic needs. After all, it can get quite tricky and bothersome if you are not properly aware of the neighbourhoods that are welcoming to foreign students.

We are more than just a consultant.

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Help you find the best ways to finance your program, including scholarships, research apprenticeships, and more.

Seamless Procedures

Assist you in preparing your visa applications and filing them with the appropriate authorities.

Student Care

Manage your travel, accommodation, banking, red tape and more

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